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Meet California CTE Standards

CTE Curriculum for California Districts

California CTE teachers use the AES curriculum system to save time planning and grading so they can focus on empowering students.

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AES CTE Curriculum

A Comprehensive CTE Curriculum for California Districts

Meet California CTE standards and prepare your students for success with an all-in-one system designed to save you hours every week. With AES you can teach:


Introductory health science concepts to provide students with strong foundational knowledge and skills practice for certification success.


Essential business and career readiness topics to equip your students to become future entrepreneurs and industry leaders. 


Computer applications like Google and Microsoft Office to prepare students for any professional environment. 

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California CTE teacher working with middle and high school students

Is AES Right for Your CTE Program?

California educators are often concerned about whether AES is the right partner for them. When considering our curriculum system, some of the most common questions they ask are:

  • Does it align to my course standards?
  • Can AES increase certification pass rates in my program?
  • How do other districts in California implement AES?

Discover the answers to these questions and more:

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A Plan for California Teachers

3 Steps to Make More Time for Your Students

Trying new curriculum can feel overwhelming, but California CTE teachers like you deserve the chance to leave a lasting impact in the classroom. Follow these simple steps to get back to what you love - empowering your students.

Hundreds of California Teachers Have Inspired Students with AES

"This is a great interactive program that reinforces my instruction. I would recommend AES to anyone teaching in the healthcare industry."

"With AES, the framework of the course is provided–lesson plans, slide presentations, quizzes, tests, and even videos for students to watch. I have great flexibility in how I teach, knowing that all the basics are being covered."

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions California educators ask about our CTE curriculum system.

What courses can I teach with AES?

What health science certifications does AES align with?

How much will the AES curriculum system cost for my program?

What’s included in the free trial?

Save Time and Empower California Students

Instead of wasting energy creating curriculum and grading student work, let AES handle it for you. Our easy-to-use, comprehensive CTE curriculum system will save you hours each week so you can get back to what matters - teaching your students.

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