Our Mission

Creating Innovative Solutions to Educate, Serve & Inspire

Our Vision

Our vision is to create engaging solutions and dynamic curriculum to provide students with the focus and preparation needed for a successful transition from K-12 to post-secondary studies to career success, along with providing necessary training for the life-long learner.

Where It All Began

Then an associate professor at Texas Tech University, Gordon W. Davis, Ph.D., used his area of expertise in meat science to begin filming meat judging training videos when he didn’t have access to quality instructional materials or the proper resources to take students to distant locales for practice. Davis realized he had the opportunity to teach students on a large scale, so he decided to start his creative educational video company, or CEV Multimedia.

He began by using his kitchen table at home to write some of the nation’s first video scripts for meat science topics and rented a camera from a local audio-visual business for the first VHS productions. He quickly rose to success when he expanded beyond meat science by taking the advice from a master’s thesis on which titles CTE teachers wanted to see, and he later moved the company from videotapes to DVDs when others thought DVDs were a temporary trend.

Now, iCEV serves as a platform in which students can not only gain the knowledge to succeed in school but also gain the necessary skill set to become a thriving member of the modern workforce.