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Start Your iCEV Trial
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Implement Online, CTE Curriculum & Instructional Materials from iCEV


iCEV’s Curriculum is Designed with You & Your Students in Mind

One subscription provides you with unlimited access to pre-built fully customizable courses.

  • All Content Aligned to State and National Standards
  • A Vast Array of Customization Options Allow You to Tailor Curriculum Content to Meet the Needs of Each Learner
  • Online Format is Ideal for a Variety of Learning Environments
  • Save Time & Provide Immediate Feedback with Automatically Graded, Interactive Coursework
  • Content is Constantly Updated to Adapt as Your Curriculum Requirements Evolve
  • Online Format is Ideal for Self-Paced, Independent Learning Models
  • Provide Valuable Industry Certification Opportunities

Make the Most of Your Funding Sources

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