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iCEV is committed to site-wide accessibility to ensure every learner is successful. As technological capabilities evolve, we review and update our platform and resources to meet current accessibility standards. An independent third-party audits the domain following WCAG AA accessibility requirements. 

Presentation Features 

iCEV uses three main components to deliver content to educators and students:

1) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

2) Adobe PDF Documents

3) Video

All PowerPoints can be downloaded, which allows for the adjustment of font type and size as well as colors and background colors. Also, high contrast color settings are available via the Microsoft program as well as text-to-speech tools.

Our Adobe PDF reader has the same functionality, including increasing font size, adjusting colors and background colors, high contrast color settings and text-to-speech tools. The materials can be easily imported into Braille converters.  

We offer closed captioning and transcripts for videos upon request.


Navigation Features

The size of non-text navigation elements can be adjusted by changing the browser zoom and resolution settings. Currently, our navigation elements and menu elements do not have keyboard shortcuts. All navigation information can be sent to refreshable Braille displays.


Study Features

Utilizing Adobe PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint programs, highlighters are available in the standard colors. Text can be extracted into another document using the copy and paste feature found in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. In addition, both programs have note-taking tools.


Printable Features

All electronic materials have a PDF version allowing educators to print the materials. Video transcripts are provided to the school via Microsoft Word documents, which can also be printed for students.


If you have questions about iCEV's accessibility features or have trouble navigating the iCEV platform, please contact the iCEV Customer Support team at or 800-922-9965.