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iCEV Education & Innovation Advisory Collective

Inspiring the Next Generation of Career & Technical Education

Mission Statement

Every day, iCEV aims to create engaging solutions and dynamic curriculum to provide all learners with the focus and preparation needed for a successful transition from K-12 to post-secondary studies to career success and lifelong learning. iCEV strongly relies on educator and industry insights and feedback to drive product innovations and stay at the forefront of Career and Technical Education (CTE) to empower all learners.

As participants in the iCEV Education & Innovation Advisory Collective, this group will play a vital role in helping inspire the next generation of Career and Technical Education (CTE). The experience and insight from the collective will help iCEV better understand the trends impacting the education industry and how our team can alleviate roadblocks to improve the educator – and learner – journey through impactful innovations and purposeful strategies to enhance the iCEV experience.



The iCEV Education and Innovation Advisory Collective is tasked with the following objectives:
  • Share professional expertise about education industry needs and market trends
  • Provide a space for collaboration and networking for the betterment of Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Preview and help prioritize product roadmap strategies
  • Evaluate the current state of iCEV, sharing candid feedback on curriculum, user experience, data and reporting, certification preparation or overall gaps and strengths
  • Drive continuous improvement and innovation within the iCEV experience