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iCEV Tutorial

Adding Preparation Content for Other Certifications to Your "My Courses" Page


1. Add New Course/Certification

At the top right of the My Courses page:

  • Click the Add New Course/Certification button.


2. Select Prep Content for Other Certifications Playlist 

  • Click the Prep Content for Other Certifications tab on the playlist tabs.
  • Next, select the playlist you would like to add by clicking the Select Playlist text. Once selected, the text will change to Selected.



NOTE: If you do not complete this step first, the system will not allow you to select a certification.

PRO TIP: If you are subscribed to more than one iCEV curriculum site, you can choose which subject area you would like to add certifications from by using the drop-down menu labeled Course Subject underneath the blue header area.


3. Name the Prep Content for Other Certifications Playlist

  • Type the title of the playlist in the Course Title text box.
  • What is typed in this box is what the certification will be listed as in your My Courses page.


NOTE: You do not have to type the full certification title. If you prefer, you can use a shortened version of the certification title.

4. Add Course

  • Click the Add Course button.


  • The certification will then appear under Courses Added.  


  • Click Save & Exit
  • Your playlist will appear at the bottom of your "My Courses" list. 


NOTE: If you would like to add multiple certifications at once, repeat Steps 2 and 3 before clicking Save & Exit.

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