iCEV Tutorial

Viewing Student Certification Reports

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Go to Reports 

On your “My Courses” page, click “Student Certification Reports” on the bottom of your course list.



View Reports 

You will now see a report screen for each certification any of your students have attempted. For each certification the following reports will be generated:

*Certified- total number of students who have earned the certification

*Attempts- total number of the certification exam attempts

Passing- percent passing rate for the certification exam

*AVG Time- average time spent on the certification exam

AVG Grade- average certification exam grade

*Errors- number of technical errors that occurred during certification exams (such as internet connection failure)

*Industry Standard Reports- class average of correct answers for each industry standard

*Certification Summary Report- status of each student who has registered for a certification. If the certification was customized to require students to complete lessons before attempting the certification exam, the status of each attempted lesson assessment can be viewed.

*Note. Reports with an eye icon in the top right corner can be clicked on to view individualized student reports.



View Certification Summary Report 

To expand the "Certification Summary Report," click the “Certification Summary Report” icon. A new tab will open with the “Student Certification Summary” page. Select the certification report you would like to view from the drop-down menu. Once selected, click “View Report.” A report will be generated for each student.



View Assessment Attempts

If the student was required to complete lessons before attempting the certification exam, you can view the status of each student’s progress and lesson assessment scores by clicking the ratio “(#/#)” to the right of the student’s name. A new tab will open with the students’ scores on each lesson assessment. If you would like to view the students’ progress for a different certification, select a different certification from the “Certification” drop-down menu.