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iCEV Tutorial

Certification Pre-Tests


What is Pre-Testing?

Teachers now have the option to enable a pre-test before the students can access the certification curriculum. This pre-test is meant to assess individual student’s current knowledge and to allow for additional reporting options such as student or class growth. The growth report will never go below zero nor will it display negative numbers.

Once enabled, pre-testing cannot be turned off

If pre-testing was accidentally turned on; it cannot be turned off. The teacher will have to create a new certification playlist course and make certain not to enable pre-testing.

New students

If a student joins you and pre-testing is enabled; the student must complete the pre-test assessment before they will be allowed to access the rest of the certification curriculum.

Enabling Pre-Tests



To enable Pre-Tests please do the following:

  • Underneath Settings on the right-hand side of the screen
    • Click the Enable Pre-Tests button


[ Enable Pre-Tests ] button found underneath settings

  • Wait for the modal (popup) window to appear


Modal (think of it as a popup) window that appears after the Enable Pre-Tests button is clicked.

  • If you are certain you want to continue enabling Pre-Tests:
    • Check, “Yes, enable pre-tests for this certification course
    • Click the Enable button
    • You’ll briefly see a message: “Pre-tests have been successfully enabled.”
    • The modal window will disappear automatically
  • If you are not certain that you want to continue and want to cancel the process:
    • Click, in the shaded area, or
    • Use, the escape (ESC) key on your keyboard, or
    • Click, the white X found within the shaded area (upper right-hand corner)


The modal close window button; used to cancel the process

  • If Pre-Tests have been enabled, you’ll now see:
    • Pre-tests enabled on {the date enabled}


When Pre-testing is enabled, this message will be displayed

What Will the Students See?

After the student has registered for the certification course as soon as they enter, they will be presented with this screen: PrePostCertTesting5

Launch Pre-Test screen

After the student has clicked the Launch Pre-Test button they will see this screen:


The 100 question Pre-test

Industry Certification Reports

With pre-testing enabled there will be additional information available through the Industry Certification Reports area. Teacher’s will now be able to see:

    • Pre-Test scoring information
    • Certification scoring information (if the certification exam has been completed)
    • Growth (the difference between the Certification and Pre-Test scoring information)
    • The lowest value showed on the Growth Report is zero (0)



Report Type: Class


Pre-Test Scoring Information

Certification Scoring Information


Growth Scoring Information


Pre-Test Scoring Information


Certification Scoring Information


Growth Scoring Information

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