New iCEV Features

In an effort to better serve teachers and students, we have added new features to the iCEV Platform! New grading features, lesson plan styles, course features and Learning Management System (LMS) updates have all been applied to help make instruction easier.

Check out the new features listed below.

New Question Types & Teacher Grading

iCEV now offers multiple new interactive question types in many of our assessments, activities or projects. Also, each new question type listed allows teachers to input their own grade for the assignment and automatically store it in the iCEV gradebook.


Draw & Label

Students can now show off their drawing skills with iCEV's new draw and label feature. 


File Upload

File upload questions allow students to submit up to 12 files with a file of 10MB each. PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TXT, ZIP, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Open Office files are all supported.


Essay Answers

Students can submit short or long answer responses directly within the iCEV platform.


Fill in the Blank & Short Answer

Different lessons can have multiple new features such as fill in the blank, short answer, radio buttons and file upload.



New Lesson Plan Style

Our new lesson plan style features revised class outlines, bell ringers and exit tickets, action plans as well as more accommodations, modifications and extensions for iCEV lessons. 

We’ve also incorporated new checks for understanding and assessments, as well as upgraded projects and activities.


Class Outlines

A more detailed daily lesson plan with step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the lesson.

Bell Ringers & Exit Tickets

Included in the Lesson Plan, there are ideas which can be utilized for bell ringers and exit tickets when applicable in the lesson.


Action Plans

A student version of the lesson plan which can be used to provide students with a daily list of tasks.


Accommodations, Modifications & Extensions

Provide strategies and teaching suggestions for all students: struggling, advanced and everyone in between. 


Checks for Understanding

A short review of the concepts and skills learned in each segment of a lesson.


Projects & Activities

Updated assignments to challenge students knowledge and apply lesson content.



Course Settings Updates

In many cases, educators teach the same course at different times throughout the day. That’s why we’ve added the option to copy course settings from one iCEV course to another. All customization and visibility settings will be copied into the new course, but the class rosters and gradebooks will stay separate.


Copy Course Settings

Teaching multiple class periods of the same course? Save time by copying the lesson visibility settings between courses using the same course playlist!


Assessment & Activity Answers Visibility

Show or hide question feedback and answers after submission to fit your classroom needs.



Learning Management System (LMS) Integrations

LMS integrations are more important than ever, and iCEV has been working diligently to update our integrations with Canvas, Schoology and Google Classroom. These updates will create a more seamless integration, making it easier for teachers, students and IT specialists to implement and use iCEV within their preferred LMS.


iCEV + Google Classroom


View Integration Guide

iCEV + Schoology


View Integration Guide


STEM STEM_icon-01.png

iCEV is pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new STEM site. Designed to be a comprehensive curriculum, our content is created to make STEM programs approachable, regardless of the program’s available funding, space or teacher experience.


Subject Area Playlists

•  Cybersecurity

•  Scientific Method

•  Engineering Design

•  Physics Basics

•  Workplace Skills

•  Data Analysis

•  Lab Challenges

•  Design Challenges

Full Course Playlist Coming Soon

New Lesson Types