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Foundations of Cybersecurity

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About the Course

In the Foundations of Cybersecurity course, students will develop essential knowledge and explore concepts related to the function and operations of cybersecurity. This includes examining cyberattacks and threats, and how enacting security policies can minimize risk to a computer system. 

Assessing Cybersecurity Risk

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.

Lesson Resources:

Course Lessons

  • Basic Cybersecurity Concepts: Risk Management
  • Basic Cybersecurity Concepts: Security & Incident Response
  • Cyber Issues: Passwords & Two-Factor Authentication
  • Cyber Issues: Ransomware
  • Cyber Vulnerabilities Threats & Attacks
  • Cyberterrorism & Counterterrorism
  • Digital Forensics Basics
  • Internet of Things Defined
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Preventing System Compromise: System Administration & Services
  • Preventing System Compromise: System Protection & Awareness
  • Principles of Network Operations: Network Addressing & Devices
  • Risks of Sharing Information
  • System Administration Practices
  • Threats to Computer Applications

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