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Medical Coding & Billing

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About the Course

The Medical Coding & Billing course introduces students to the procedures, terminology, and medical codes used in the field. Students will also learn about the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and develop the necessary skills to maintain accurate records. Understanding the entire revenue cycle and its efficient management will be a focus of the course. By completing this course, students will be better prepared for entry-level positions in health care settings, such as coder, medical billing specialist, and patient access representative.


Careers in Medical Coding & Billing

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.

Lesson Resources:

Lessons Available in This Course

  • Careers in Medical Coding & Billing
  • Coding Systems
  • Employability Skills in Medical Coding & Billing
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Health Insurance Models
  • Legal & Ethical Responsibilities in Medical Coding & Billing
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Cardiovascular System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Digestive System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Endocrine System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Integumentary System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Mental, Behavioral & Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Muscular System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Nervous System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Reproductive System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Respiratory System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Skeletal System
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Urinary System
  • Patient Scheduling & Check In Processes
  • Revenue Management Cycle

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