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CTE Curriculum Solutions for Mississippi Districts

Mississippi CTE educators use iCEV to meet their standards and prepare learners for certifications.
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iCEV Courses Available for Mississippi's High Quality Instructional Materials Adoption

As a comprehensive CTE solution for Mississippi educators, iCEV features everything you need to start teaching right away, including media-rich presentations, detailed lesson plans, projects, activities, assessments and more, all on an online, digital platform.

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What's New for Mississippi Teachers at iCEV

Are you a Mississippi CTE teacher interested in the new updates that iCEV is bringing to your district? Are you curious about the courses that iCEV is offering for the 2023 Mississippi High Quality Instructional Materials Adoption? Then look no further!


Community College Board Approved Certifications

Industry recognized credentials are used in the labor-market as evidence of individuals having the appropriate skills, knowledge and experiences to be successful in employment. The following certifications are approved by the Mississippi Community College Board Division of Workforce, Career, and Technical Education.

Explore Each MCCB Approved Industry Recognized Certification

Discover Prep Materials for Even More Certifications

With an iCEV subscription, you’ll gain access to materials for certifications beyond those hosted on the iCEV Testing Platform. 
A Plan for Mississippi Educators

3 Simple Steps to Make a Difference for Your Learners

Educators deserve tools that will give their learners more opportunities to grow and excel. Follow these steps to get back to what matters.

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Empower Your Learners to Career Success

It’s time to stop being overwhelmed by your responsibilities and requirements. With iCEV, you have everything you need to plan courses, certify students, and prepare them for success - all in one place. Our easy-to-use, comprehensive CTE solution provides you the necessary resources and systems to do your best work.

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