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Express Employment Professionals Business Office Technology Certification

The Express Employment Professionals Business Office Technology Certification verifies individuals have acquired the 
technical computer skills necessary to be competitive in today’s modern workplace.

Meeting the Industry Need

The certification assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized standards produced by Express Employment Professionals. A premier staffing agency in the U.S., Canada and South Africa, Express specializes in recruiting and placing highly-skilled professionals in a wide variety of industries, all of which require a basic knowledge of business office technology.

Those who earn the certification are more qualified and prepared to implement core technology and business skills in the workplace. Additionally, the certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers.


Discover job opportunities aligned with the skills acquired through this certification.

According to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center, a large majority of Americans rank technical skills as critical to workplace success, including a detailed understanding of how to use computers, of which 85 percent rate as “extremely” or “very” important.

Related Occupations

  • Business Operations Specialists
  • Receptionists & Information Clerks
  • Word Processors & Typists
  • Executive Secretaries & Executive Administrative Assistants
  • Media & Communication Workers

Industry Standards

The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and concepts from the following weighted industry standards:


Office Technology Skills
  • Technology Impacts on the Workplace
  • Internet Use Methods
  • Computer Hardware Components
  • Computer Setup & Care
  • Operating, Networking & Information Systems



Word Processing Applications
  • Document Creation & Editing Procedures
  • Business Applications of Word Processing Technology



Digital Presentation Applications
  • Presentation Creation, Editing & Sharing Procedures
  • Presentation Management Techniques



Spreadsheet Applications
  • Spreadsheet Creation & Management
  • Business Applications of Spreadsheet Technology



Database Applications
  • Database Design, Creation & Device Management
  • Business Application of Business Technology




Desktop Publishing Applications
  • Publication Creation & Editing Procedures



Workplace Communication Strategies
  • E-mail Creation Procedures
  • Electronic Scheduling Practices
  • Telecommunications Techniques



Ethical Applications in the Workplace
  • Online Etiquette
  • Web Privacy & Copyright Standards
  • Business Ethics Procedures



Optional Cert Prep


Optional Certification Preparation Materials

The iCEV online curriculum platform offers a variety of preparatory content and resources designed to prepare individuals to earn industry certifications.

Featured Support Letters

View letters from businesses and organizations expressing their support of the certification.

About Express Employment Professionals

Founded in 1982, Express Employment Professionals ranks as one of the nation’s largest franchised staffing companies. With nearly 900 franchise locations in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Express is in the business of putting people to work and helps job seekers in Light Industrial, Skilled Trades, Office Services and Professional roles.  In fact, they put more than 586,000 people to work last year, and their goal is to employ a million people annually. 

"We want to empower the next generation to make knowledgeable decisions about education and careers, and this partnership with iCEV is a powerful stepping stone in helping students discover and achieve their career goals."

Rachel Rudisill
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Express Employment Professionals

Interested in Verifying a Candidate’s Certification?

 If you’re an employer looking to verify a job applicant’s credentials, click the button below to be taken to a verification form. 

If you do not have a certification number, please contact our customer support team to verify your candidate at: or 1-800-922-9965.

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