Career-Readiness Through Skills Validation

Industry certifications validate students' knowledge and skills, infuse career readiness into the classroom and jump-start students' careers. Certifications can be easily integrated into an established curriculum or earned through independent study.

Set Your Students Up for Success

Because industry certifications are based on real-world industry standards, students who earn certifications are more likely to experience academic and career success. Certification earners often achieve higher grades, secure better employment opportunities and earn higher wages.

See how certifications are positively impacting students and CTE programs in the featured "Certifications in Action" video.


Driven by Leading Companies & Organizations

The industry certifications hosted on iCEV bring industry-established standards into the classroom. Together, iCEV and nationally recognized organizations are bridging the gap between education and industry to better prepare students for the workforce.


Boost Student Employability

Certifications validate skills students learned in your classroom. When students earn a certification hosted on iCEV, they will receive a certificate proving they have acquired the skills necessary for a particular career. 


Easily Integrates Into Your Existing CTE Coursework

Certifications reflect real-world scenarios, preparing students for postsecondary education and the workforce. They can be easily integrated into your course plans, allowing students to earn certifications while completing regular coursework.


Students Receive Recognition

Certifications can serve as a form of motivation. Students often take coursework more seriously when they know they will be recognized for their work, especially when there is potential to be recognized by earning a job or higher wage. 


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If you are a student interested in earning an industry certification, please notify your instructor and ask them to contact iCEV on your behalf.

Explore Industry Certifications

Optional Certification Preparation Materials

The iCEV online curriculum platform offers a variety of preparatory content and resources designed to prepare students to earn industry certifications.

Multimedia Presentations

Prepare for the certification exam with engaging video and PowerPoint® presentation lessons. Each lesson is developed through collaboration with industry experts to address industry standards within each certification.


Interactive Coursework

iCEV's interactive activities, projects and assessments are based on real-world scenarios and reinforce comprehension of the industry standards assessed within each certification exam.


Top 10 Reasons Students Should Earn Industry Certifications

Whether the student is in high school, college or any formal education setting, earning an industry certification can have several positive effects on a student’s education and career path.

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