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Prepare Your Learners for Industry Certifications

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Industry Certifications

Preparation Materials for iCEV-Hosted Certifications

iCEV offers curriculum and materials aligned with industry certifications hosted on our Testing Platform. Explore the certifications by clicking below:

Certification Pre-Tests

Use certification pre-tests to assess your learners’ current knowledge and measure growth over your program.

Interactive Coursework

Engage your learners and build their skills with activities, projects, and assessments based on real-world scenarios. 


Equip your learners with critical knowledge using multimedia videos and presentations aligned directly with certification exams. 

Practice Exams

Assign practice exams to prepare learners for the certification experience and identify areas where they need to improve. 


Help Your Learners Earn Other Certifications

The iCEV curriculum also aligns with more than a dozen industry certifications not hosted on the iCEV Testing Platform. Explore alignments and preparation resources for certifications from providers in multiple career clusters.

Empower Your Learners to Career Success


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