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iCEV Testing Platform Updates


The iCEV Testing Platform has been enhanced to boost report performance, synchronize grades, and decrease page load times!

Check out the updates below, and see the iCEV Testing Platform Guide for a comprehensive overview of certifying on iCEV.

New Exam Features

  1. Certification candidates can now “flag” questions they want to revisit. 


  2. Certification candidates can review all questions before submitting the exam.




  1. Proctors can know when the page was last updated with a floating timer. 


  2. Proctoring Exams for More Than One Teacher or More Than One Course
    1. To enhance the performance of our proctor page, we've revised the functionality to facilitate proctoring of only one certification exam at a time on the page.  We understand some proctors may need to oversee multiple certifications simultaneously.  This can be achieved by opening each exam in its own tab. This approach enables efficient proctoring of multiple exams while maintaining the focus and performance of the proctor page on a single exam.


    Proctors should login to their account and right click the proctor button. Select the option to “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window”. “Open link in new tab” allows for bouncing back and forth between each exam.


Resetting Certification Exams

A “reset” will not use another digital voucher/ask for a credit card, and each certification candidate is allowed three resets.

  1. The reset button will not be visible unless a candidate checks back into the exam after experiencing a technical disruption. 


  2. Certification candidates can pick up where they left off if the reset occurs within 20 minutes of the disruption. 

For a step-by-step on how to certify students on the iCEV Testing Platform, including updates, check out the iCEV Testing Platform Guide

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