Get Ready for School with iCEV

Whether you are teaching in-person, offering instruction virtually or following a hybrid model, iCEV is here to save you time and effort.  Whatever your situation this year, kick off the semester right with iCEV.

Learn how to use the iCEV curriculum platform in any learning environment using the resources linked below. 


Start the school year right by properly setting up your iCEV courses. Follow the steps outlined in these tutorials to create and manage your iCEV account. You can learn more about iCEV's customization, certification and administration options by reviewing our other tutorials. 

Learning Management System Integration Guides

Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be utilized in a variety of learning environments, allow for differentiated instruction and offer greater organization and efficiency in instructional delivery and documentation. In addition to functioning as its own LMS, iCEV integrates with multiple LMS tools, including Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology. Learn how to incorporate iCEV with your preferred LMS using these guides.

iCEV + Google Classroom


iCEV + Schoology


Distance Learning Guide

Many schools are implementing virtual learning environments. In an effort to help face this challenge, we are working to provide solutions to affected schools.


iCEV offers a variety of resources to help schools transition to distance learning when the need arises. Learn how to use the iCEV curriculum platform to shift your classes to a distance learning model using the Distance Learning Strategies Guide.

This document is designed to provide strategies and teaching suggestions for all students: struggling, advanced, and everyone in between. While it will not help with lesson-, activity- or project-specific accommodations, modifications and extensions, hopefully you will be able to implement some strategies into your classroom routine. There are also ways to take advantage of iCEV features and apply them to your special population students.