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Living Online - Social Communication

Social Communication IconLiving Online will introduce students to The Dream Squad. This cast of characters will guide learners through making good decisions about online behaviors as well as learning more about smartphones. 

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This module will capture your students' attentions with great storytelling and plenty of interaction.

The Living Online - Social Communication module is designed according to the AES course framework, which includes four phases:

  1. Explore
  2. Learn & Practice
  3. Reflect
  4. Reinforce

Below you'll discover how AES can help you teach your students about online behaviors and social media according to these four phases.

Phase 1: Explore


Activity: History of Social Media

In this exercise, students will research the history of social media.


Activity: History of Cell Phones

In this exercise, students will research cell phone history.

Phase 2: Learn & Practice


Unit 1: Being Social Online

In Being Social Online, learners will help the squad as they attempt to correct some social media mistakes while learning the best ways to handle themselves online.


  1. Introduction to Being Social Online
  2. Social Media and Its Uses
  3. Your Digital Footprint
  4. Protecting Yourself Socially
  5. It Goes Down in the DMs
  6. Quiz


Unit 2: Navigating Smartphones

Navigating Smartphones will introduce learners to responsible ways to interact with personal computing devices. The Dream Squad will also help learners review terminology and technology associated with smartphones and their usage.


  1. Introduction to Personal Communication Devices
  2. Cellular Service - The Basics
  3. Making the Right Choices
  4. Security
  5. Quiz

Phase 3: Reflect


Activity: Being Social Online

In this exercise, students will reflect on what they have learned about social media and make assessments of their social media usage.


Activity: Navigating Smartphones

In this exercise, students will reflect on what they have learned about smartphones.

Phase 4: Reinforce


Project: Track Your Screen Time

The purpose of this exercise is to help students consider how much time they spend using personal computing devices. Students will take one week to complete a chart while tracking their time on social media, game systems, and YouTube. Once they have tracked their activity for a week, they will need to answer a few questions to evaluate their usage.


Activity: Who's Got You Covered

In this exercise, students will evaluate the top three cellular carriers, select the one with the best local coverage, and answer some questions based on information on the carrier's website.


Activity: Current Event

Students will review articles for information related to a topic in the module. Once an article is found, students complete a Current Event form.

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