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Google Docs Fundamentals

This module provides a more in-depth look at Google Docs, including how to format lists, paragraphs and documents, and how to create tables.

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Unit: Formatting Lists, Paragraphs, and Documents

In this unit, students will learn about: paragraph and document formatting, as they practice using and applying list and paragraph styles, alignments, page breaks, the Paint Format tool, margins, page orientation, images, drawings, and more.


  1. Top 10 List
  2. Make a Quiz
  3. Create an Invitation
  4. Quiz


Unit: Working with Tables


In this unit, students will learn: why tables are used; the parts of a table; how to plan, create, and delete tables; and how to enter information into tables.


  1. Organizing with Tables
  2. Planning and Creating a Table
  3. Quiz


Unit: Completing a Report Using MLA


In this unit, students will: learn about style guides, use MLA guidelines to format a document, insert in-text citations and create a Works Cited page.


  1. Introduction to Style Guides
  2. Formatting a Document Using MLA
  3. Adding In-Text Citations
  4. Creating a Works Cited Page
  5. Quiz


Reinforce Project


In this project, students research and then write a brief biography about one of the well-known people using MLA guidelines. The document will also include a table. (Note: To simplify this project, students are not required to follow MLA guidelines for the table.)

This project is part of a larger group of projects based around a single theme about well-known people. Prior to beginning any of the projects, students need to generate a list of well-known people in a profession or area of life.


  1. Who is This Person

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