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Google Docs Essentials

This module provides an overview of the basics of Google Docs, including opening and saving files, entering and formatting text, and using editing and review tools.

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Unit: Introduction


In this unit, students will learn about: the basics of Google Docs; including parts of the screen; views; entering text, special characters and symbols; font styles and effects; and formatting text.


  1. Google Docs Tour
  2. Working with Text
  3. Formatting Text
  4. Quiz


Unit: Working with Tables


In this unit, students will learn about: editing tools such as cut, copy and paste; review tools such as Spelling and Define; and find and replace tools.


  1. Cut, Copy, and Paste Tools
  2. Review Tools
  3. Find and Replace Tools
  4. Quiz


Reinforce Project


In this project, students research and then write a formal letter to one of the well-known people asking for an autographed photo.

This project is part of a larger group of projects based around a single theme about well-known people. Prior to beginning any of the projects, students need to generate a list of well-known people in a profession or area of life.


  1. Getting an Autograph

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