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Email and Electronic Calendars

In this module, students learn about living online with an introduction to email and calendar applications. These are two online applications that can help students communicate and organize their busy lives.

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Activity: History of Email

In this exercise, students research the history of email.


Unit: Sending & Receiving Email

In this unit, students learn about email by helping Darrell plan scuba lessons for his friends. The students complete several activities using an email simulation. These activities include: sending, receiving, replying, replying to all, and forwarding email messages.


  1. Introduction to Email
  2. Sending an Email
  3. Sending a Formal Email
  4. Receiving, Replying, and Forwarding Emails
  5. Quiz


Unit: Organizing & Managing Email

In this unit, students continue their learning by helping Darrell organize and manage his email so he doesn't become overwhelmed. Activities in this lesson include: creating a contact list and signature; organizing email using folders; working with attachments; and handling spam and junk mail.


  1. Creating a Contact List and Signature
  2. Cleaning Out the Inbox
  3. Handling Email Attachments
  4. More About Email
  5. Quiz


Unit: Calendaring

In this unit, students learn about electronic calendars and how these calendars can be used to organize their lives. Again, they help Darrell complete several activities using an electronic calendar simulation. These activities include: creating single and recurring appointments; inviting several people to a meeting (using the contact list); and working with multiple calendars.


  1. Introduction to Electronic Calendars
  2. Schedule Events in a Calendar
  3. Schedule More Events
  4. Creating and Organizing a Calendar
  5. Sharing Calendars
  6. Quiz


Activity: Reflection Questions

In this activity, students answer reflection questions about email and electronic calendars. Afterward, the teacher can discuss these questions with students.


Activity: Build a Story

In this activity, students practice sending, receiving and forwarding emails by creating a story one piece at a time. Students email one or two lines of a story to other students who continue the process by adding to the story and forwarding the emails on.


Activity: Guess the Word

In this activity, students work in groups trying to guess words the teacher has selected. This activity is a take on the old hangman word-guessing game but with a different drawing. There's just one catch - students can only communicate via email.


Activity: Schedule a Week

In this activity, students use a calendar to schedule a week in the life of a busy student. The students will need to use most of the basic features of an electronic calendar such as: creating a new calendar, scheduling various types of events, changing an event color, and adding notifications.


Activity: Email Crossword Puzzle

In this activity, students complete a crossword puzzle based on vocabulary words from the email units (Units 1 and 2).


Activity: Electronic Calendars Crossword Puzzle

In this activity, students complete a crossword puzzle based on vocabulary words from the unit about calendars (Unit 3).


Activity: Current Event

Students will review articles for information related to a topic in the module. Once an article is found, students complete a Current Event form.

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