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Prepare Your Students for the NNAAP CNA Exam

Help your students become the next generation of certified nursing assistants

What Is the NNAAP CNA Exam & How Do You Prep Students?

3 Key Steps to NNAAP CNA Prep

Step 1

Know What's on the NNAAP CNA Exam

The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program measures your students' competency in nurse aide skills.

So, how can you help them pass the exam and become CNAs?

Click below to find out!

Learn What's on the NNAAP CNA Exam >

Step 2

Build Your High School CNA Curriculum

Creating an effective CNA curriculum for high school students isn't always as simple as it sounds.

With so many skills to cover and a certification to prepare for, you have a lot of work ahead of you!

But where do you begin?

Learn How to Build Your CNA Curriculum >

Step 3

Prepare Your Students

Now it's time to actually prepare your students for the CNA exam!

Preparing your CNA students for success both on the test and in their future careers takes more than just some test prep materials.

But how do you bridge that gap and set your students up for success?

Wondering where to start? Click below!

How to Prep Your Students for the NNAAP CNA Exam >


"HealthCenter21 has been an invaluable tool for students seeking CNA certifications. It has enhanced their learning and retention"

How Does HealthCenter21 Align to the NNAAP CNA Exam?

The NNAAP CNA exam is based on standards that measure knowledge and skills across three healthcare domains.

Want to know how HealthCenter21 aligns to the NNAAP CNA exam topics?

Click here to read the overview: Crosswalk between HealthCenter21 and the NNAAP CNA Exam Standards


Prep Your Students for the NNAAP CNA Exam

It's never been easier to help your students pass the NNAAP CNA exam!
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