iCEV Student Licenses

Student licenses create an individualized educational experience for every learner. Using their personal iCEV login, students can view media-rich lessons and complete interactive coursework on their personal devices anywhere there is internet access. From innovative teaching methods and differentiation strategies to automatic grading and reporting features, student licenses help you get the most out of your iCEV subscription.

Instructional Models

iCEV student licenses offer a wide range of possibilities for developing a custom course design to best fit for the school, curriculum and student population. Courses can be:

  • Completely online with no classroom time

  • Blended or hybrid where classwork and homework have a range of classroom time and online time

  • Fully face-to-face classroom utilizing online curriculum and digital tools to complete course content

Differentiated Learning

Differentiation is easy with iCEV student licenses. iCEV's advanced customization options provide opportunities for accommodations, modifications and extensions. You can control visibility access of course content and interactive assignments to accommodate different learning styles and abilities, as well as to provide extended learning opportunities above and beyond regular coursework.


Interactive Coursework & Automatic Grading

Student licenses also give you access to iCEV’s library of interactive coursework, such as student handouts, vocabulary exercises, assessments and project-based learning activities. All interactive coursework is automatically graded, saving you time and providing options for immediate feedback.




LMS & SSO Integrations

Seamlessly integrate the iCEV curriculum platform with your preferred learning management system (LMS) and/or single sign-on (SSO) provider to simplify the login process, access to course content and grading. Import your iCEV course playlist into your preferred LMS to share with students. Grade pass back is supported, allowing grades to pass from iCEV to your LMS gradebook.


Industry Certifications

Industry certifications, hosted on iCEV, are developed and issued by industry leaders, reflect the needs of real-world career expectations and distinguish individuals from their peers when applying for jobs. The iCEV Testing Platform currently hosts 16 industry certifications across eight CTE subject areas.