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Adam West

VITAL School Future Ready Instructional Support Specialist and Instructional Coach


What are your key CTE responsibilities in your current job role?

Currently, I am in charge of building and maintaining WBL and the personal finance course in which all of our students receive an opportunity to acquire a iCEV certification.

Why do you feel Career & Tech education is important the future of education?

Career & Tech education lays the groundwork for all professions. Without it, America would not have been built. Also, with 21st-century innovation creeping into Career & Technical Education, the reach and application have become limitless for future careers and education.

What is the biggest benefit students can receive from enrolling in CTE programs/courses?

Students enrolling in CTE courses can help create a well-rounded student who can problem solve and understand the workings of any possible career clusters.

Please share some of your hobbies.

A few of my hobbies include biking, Kayaking, computing, golfing, and eating good food.