Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification Launches on iCEV Testing Platform 

Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification verifies knowledge of ecology principles and wildlife management.

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Kimberly Cantrell

LUBBOCK, Texas (September 30, 2019) – The Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification is now available on the iCEV testing platform. Ducks Unlimited, the world’s leader in wetland and waterfowl conservation, developed the certification to help the next generation understand ecology issues and gain experience in the field of wildlife and habitat conservation. The industry certification addresses the growing need for well-trained professionals in natural resources management and conservation. 

Career opportunities in natural resources are expected to grow as a result of the greater value society has begun to place on natural resources and the environment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an eight percent job growth in wildlife management from 2016-2026. Career opportunities include wildlife habitat manager, wildlife population manager, wildlife research ecologist, wildlife law enforcement officer and others.

iCEV is excited to be partnered with Ducks Unlimited to enhance the educational and career opportunities for individuals interested in natural resources management. Those who earn the Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification are more qualified and prepared to enter the variety of careers available in wildlife and natural resources management. Additionally, the certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers.

“With the backing of a respected organization such as Ducks Unlimited, the Ecology Conservation & Management Certification will be a valuable credential for job applicants and employers.” Clayton Franklin, CEV Multimedia Vice President of Brand Management.

Along with hosting the Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification, the iCEV platform also offers supplemental study material designed to prepare individuals for the certification exam. In addition to the Ecology Conservation & Management Certification, iCEV  provides testing for 14 other industry certifications offered by the following nine leading organizations and businesses:

• American Meat Science Association
• Benz School of Floral Design
• Center for Financial Responsibility 
• Elanco
• Equipment & Engine Training Council
• Express Employment Professionals 
• National Collegiate Livestock Coaches' Association
• National Horse Judging Team Coaches' Association
• Southwest Airlines 

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