NHJTCA Offers Equine Management & Evaluation Certification

Equine Management & Evaluation Certification will verify knowledge and skills of equine management techniques and evaluation principles.

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Kimberly Cantrell

LUBBOCK, Texas (October 3, 2018) – To address the need for formal training opportunities within the equine industry, the National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association has stepped forward as an industry leader to create the Equine Management & Evaluation Certification. The certification verifies individuals are prepared to pursue a career in the fields of equine evaluation, management and production.

Earners of the NHJTCA Equine Management & Evaluation Certification have demonstrated competencies of the following industry standards set by NHJTCA: 

• Anatomy & Physiology
• Breed Identification
• Equine Diseases
• Equipment & Facilities
• Grooming & Saddling
• Health, Nutrition & Excercise
• Evaluation

“This certification will equip individuals with the foundational skills necessary to pursue a sustainable career in all career fields within the equine industry," said John Pipkin, Ph.D., National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association.

The certification can be accessed through iCEV, a leading online education platform. iCEV offers professional demonstrations combined with practical, interactive coursework to prepare students for post-secondary education and high-skill, high-demand careers. Educators can quickly monitor, track and engage students directly through the platform’s interactive lessons.

“The Equine Management & Evaluation Certification assessment provides evidence to employers that students are career-ready and have acquired core skills and competencies necessary to work in the industry, said iCEV Vice President of Brand Management Clayton Franklin.

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In addition to the NHJTCA Equine Management & Evaluation Certification, iCEV hosts a variety of industry certifications from leading associations and businesses, including: 

• American Meat Science Association Meat Evaluation Certification
• Benz School of Floral Design Principles of Floral Design Certification
• Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification
• Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications Certification
• National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association Principles of Livestock Selection & Evaluation Certification
• Southwest Airlines Professional Communications Certification

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About National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association

The National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association (NHJTCA), comprised of coaches from across the country,serves as an official voice for the coaches of horse judging teams. NHJTCA is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and aiding the training of coaches and students to strengthen employment skills of the students participating in horse judging contests held on a national basis. By providing and enhancing communication and networking among coaches, NHJTCA encourages consistency among contests.