iCEV and Texas Tech University Collaborate on Fashion Design Curriculum

Course intends to provide students with knowledge and insight into the process of fashion design, as well as expose students to the diverse career opportunities in the fashion industry

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Kimberly Cantrell

LUBBOCK, Texas (Dec. 9, 2015) ­- When most people hear “fashion design,” images of high-end, celebrity clothing lines come to mind. But fashion design encompasses a much broader scope. To help students understand and pursue these design careers, iCEV is collaborating with Texas Tech University on a specialized fashion design curriculum. Currently in production, the course will be released via online platform iCEV in early 2016.

"There’s a definite need to expose students to a career in fashion because it often has the stereotype that you need to work for a well-known brand to find a job," said Rachel Anderson, Assistant Professor in the Apparel Design & Manufacturing program at Texas Tech University. "Fashion is designed and produced from all levels of apparel and accessories from Old Navy to Christian Dior. Students should appreciate that the fashion industry represents tremendous career opportunities, and iCEV gives them the resources they need to train for a career in fashion."

After discussions about creating a fashion design curriculum with Linda Hoover, Dean of the College of Human Services at Texas Tech University, iCEV collaborated with Anderson to develop content for videos and classroom materials on iCEV. The finalized curriculum and multimedia content will contain interviews that cover topics relevant for class lectures, as well as demonstrations on different fashion design techniques like sewing and construction, pattern making and draping on the dress form, and fashion illustration.

"The fashion design curriculum will offer yet another unique experience and learning opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry," said Dusty Moore, iCEV President. "From the creation of the clothes we wear everyday to the high-end designer brands, iCEV provides the foundation students need for a well-rounded and successful career in fashion."

The fashion design course will help students understand the impact of the fashion industry. Throughout the course, students will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to explore careers and begin their path towards working in the industry or becoming a designer. iCEV and Anderson are building the course to address major topics in the fashion industry, including sketching for fashion, developing a fashion product, principles of apparel design, garment fitting, apparel pattern making and draping, sewing and pressing techniques, and garment construction.

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