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 AMSA Meat Evaluation Certification

The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) Meat Evaluation Certification verifies individuals are better prepared to enter fields related to the meat animal industry, which includes production and processing.

Meeting the Industry Need

The certification assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized standards produced by AMSA, an internationally-known organization with a membership of more than 2,000 meat scientists. AMSA represents major university research institutions and prominent meat processing companies, such as Tyson Foods, Cargill and Maple Leaf Foods.

The certification validates knowledge and skills in meat carcass quality grading, meat handling and food safety. Those who earn the certification are more qualified to begin a career in the meat industry. Additionally, the certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers.


Discover job opportunities aligned with the skills acquired through this certification.

According to the North American Meat Institute, the meat and poultry industry is the largest segment of U.S. agriculture. It is broadly responsible for 5.4 million jobs and $257 billion in wages. An estimated 527,019 people have jobs in production and packing, importing operations, sales, packaging and direct distribution of meat and poultry products.

Related Occupations

  • Butchers & Meat Cutters
  • Meat Processors
  • Carcass Merchandiser

Industry Standards

The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and concepts from the following weighted industry standards:


Meat Science Principles
  • Animal Care & Handling Procedures
  • Meat Nutrition
  • Meat Storage & Handling
  • Meat Cookery Techniques
  • Processed Meats
  • Food Industry Safety



Animal Harvesting Procedures
  • Inspection
  • Regulations & Policies
  • Animal Harvest Process
  • Animal Byproducts



Carcass & Cuts Evaluation
  • Beef Evaluation
  • Pork Evaluation
  • Lamb Evaluation



Retail Cut Fabrication & Identification
  • Beef Retail Cuts
  • Pork Retail Cuts
  • Lamb Retail Cuts
  • Variety Meats
  • Processed Meats



USDA Beef Grading
  • USDA Quality Grading
  • USDA Yield Grading



Optional Cert Prep


Optional Certification Preparation Materials

The iCEV online curriculum platform offers a variety of preparatory content and resources designed to prepare individuals to earn industry certifications.

Featured Support Letters

View letters from businesses and organizations expressing their support of the certification.

About the American Meat Science Association

The American Meat Science Association is a broad-reaching organization of individuals that discovers, develops and disseminates its collective meat science knowledge to provide leadership, education and professional development. Their passion is to help meat science professionals achieve previously unimaginable levels of performance and reach even higher goals. They accomplish this by fostering a learning community of meat scientists, industry partners, outside thought leaders and other stakeholders who embrace this vision. Its members conduct basic and applied research and education programs in muscle growth and development, meat quality, food safety, processing technology and consumer and marketing issues relevant to the international meat industry.

"All of the [American Meat Science Association] membership is interested in trying to find ways to make up the shortage that we presently have in the United States for meat scientists..."

Deidrea Mabry, M.S.
Chief Operating Officer
American Meat Science Association

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