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Blackboard Integration Guide 

Before Getting Started - Please share iCEV's system requirements with your technology department.


Things to consider before using the integration

  • Multiple internet filters and firewalls.
  • Different settings for wired and wireless technology devices.
  • Software on technology devices that act as an internet filter or firewall.
  • Students are automatically registered through the integration.
    • Please do not register students through iCEV
    • Students will roster back to the iCEV account and iCEV course the common cartridge gets created.
  • Grades will be visible in both iCEV and the integration's gradebook.
    • The “Highest” scored grade will be passed back to the integration gradebook

NOTE: Student licenses and teacher accounts must be purchased to use the integration.

Administrators' Guide

NOTE: This process should be completed by the Blackboard Administrator.

  1. Login to Blackboard with an Administrator account
  2. Click System Admin
  3. Integrations
    • Click LTI Tool Providers
  4. Click Register LTI 1.1 Provider
  5. Provider Domain:
  6. Default Configuration
    1. Default Configuration: Set globally
    2. Tool Provider Key: {please contact us for this information}
    3. Tool Provider Secret: {please contact us for this information}
    4. Tool Provider Custom Parameters:
      • duedate=$ResourceLink.submission.endDateTime
      • lockat=$ResourceLink.available.endDateTime
  7. Institution Policies
    1. Send User Data: Send user data only over SSL
    2. User Fields to Send:
      • Role in Course
      • Name
    3. Allow Membership Service Access: Yes
  8. Click Submit
  9. Hover over the integration
  10. Click the down arrow next to the integration
  11. Click Manage Placements
  12. Click Create Placement
  13. Placement Information
    1. Label: iCEV
    2. Description: iCEV integration
    3. Handle: iCEV
    4. Availability: Yes
    5. Type: Course content tool
      • Check Allows grading
  14. Tool Provider Information
    • Tool Provider URL:
  15. Click Submit

Teachers' Guide

NOTE: These steps assume that the Blackboard Administrator has setup the external tool (integration) in Blackboard. If they have not, please send the Administrators Section to the Blackboard Administrator.

Step 1: Export Lesson from iCEV


  1. Go into the iCEV Lesson
  2. Make certain that the Lessons that need to be exported are set to be Visible to Students 
  3. Make certain that the assets (assignments, assessments, and resources) that need to be exported are set to be Visible to Students
  4. Click Export Common Cartridge
  5. Click Export
  6. The file (common cartridge) will download


Step 2: Import a Lesson into Blackboard


  1. Go into the Blackboard course
  2. Click Packages and Utilities – under Course Management
  3. Click Import Package / View Logs
  4. Click Import Package
  5. Click Browse Local Files
  6. Click Select All
  7. Click Submit
  8. The imported content will be visible under Help


Step 3: Configuring the Assignment


  1. Click the down arrow on the assignment
  2. Click Edit
  3. Under Enable Evaluation
    1. Select Yes 
  4. Under Points Possible
    1. Enter in the points possible for this assignment 



Lesson Visibility


Assignment Visibility Settings


Student Feedback Options


Attempt Threshold Options



Blackboard is acting strangely what can I do? Please review this resource to see how Blackboard is running worldwide: Blackboard Status
What does "Error Couldn't retrieve LMS Data." mean?

This error message appears if the internet or network is running slowly or is unstable.

Step 1
If the student refreshes the browser a few times the error message should go away.

Step 2
If the error message is very persistent; please have the student clear their internet history and cache.

If using an Apple device
Please use this resource to disable “Prevent cross-site tracking” in the Safari browser.

Step 3
If after refreshing and clearing the internet history; the message still appears please verify that third-party cookies are not being blocked.
All student grades are zero (0), what can be done?
  1. Go to the Course
  2. Go to the Assignment
  3. Edit the Assignment
  4. Set Points Possible to something other than zero (0)
  5. Have the students follow the directions in Some student grades are missing what can be done? to update the gradebook.
Some or all student grades are missing, what can be done?
  1. Have the student go back to the assignment that is missing the grade.

  2. Have the student click the text that says Summary.
Grades are not showing under the correct assignment in the Blackboard Gradebook

Here are the most likely scenarios:

  1. The student opens Assignment “A” and tries a few questions.
  2. The student then opens Assignment “B” in a new tab or window on the same browser.
  3. The student moves back to Assignment “A” and sends the assignment.

In this scenario, scores will appear under Assignment “B” rather than Assignment “A” because scores are sent back for the last opened assignment (Assignment “B” in this case) on the browser as the session is updated.

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