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NHJTCA Equine Management & Evaluation Certification

The National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association (NHJTCA) Equine Management & Evaluation Certification verifies individuals are prepared to pursue a career in the fields of equine evaluation, management and production.


Meeting the Industry Need

The certification assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized standards produced by NHJTCA. Comprised of coaches from across the country, NHJTCA serves as an official voice for horse judging team leaders who set industry standards for equine evaluation and selection.

The certification validates the knowledge and skills needed to begin equine-related careers in evaluation, breeding, handling, stable management and more. Those who earn the certification are more qualified and prepared to enter a variety of roles within the industry. Additionally, the certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates in a highly-specialized industry.


Discover job opportunities aligned with the skills acquired through this certification.

According to the American Horse Council Foundation, the equine industry has a $122 billion economic impact nationally, and jobs range from working with horses for recreation, show, racing and labor. This results in a total employment impact of 1.7 million jobs.

Related Occupations

  • Extension Horse Specialist
  • Horse Judging Coach
  • Equine Specialist

Industry Standards

The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and concepts from the following weighted industry standards:


Equine Industry
  • Health & Safety Practices
  • Employability Skills & Resources
  • Selection & Breeding
  • Industry Concerns



Breed Identification
(Origin, Physical Characteristics, Temperament, Breed Association)
  • Light Breeds
  • Draft & Coach Horses
  • Horses Less Than 14.2 Hands
  • Donkeys & Mules



Anatomy & Physiology
  • External Anatomy Identification
  • External & Internal Parts of the Hoof Identification
  • Mouth Parts Identification



Equine Diseases
  • Fungai
  • Bacterial
  • Viral
  • Parasitic
  • Nutritional
  • Genetic
  • Behavioral



Equine Management
  • Housing Considerations
  • Barn Design & Flooring
  • Common Facility Equipment
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Exercise
  • Grooming
  • Saddling



Horse Evaluation
  • Halter Evaluation
  • Western Pleasure
  • Western Horsemanship
  • Hunter Under Saddle
  • Hunter Hack
  • Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Reining



Optional Cert Prep


Optional Certification Preparation Materials

The iCEV online curriculum platform offers a variety of preparatory content and resources designed to prepare individuals to earn industry certifications.

Featured Support Letters

View letters from businesses and organizations expressing their support of the certification.

About the National Horse Judging Team Coaches' Association

The National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and aiding the training of coaches and evaluation teams to strengthen employment skills of the students participating in horse judging contests nationally. By providing and enhancing communication and networking among coaches, NHJTCA encourages consistency among the equine evaluation industry.

"We are proud to partner with CEV Multimedia to develop high quality, accurate materials which will equip students with the foundational skills necessary to pursue a sustainable career in the fields of equine evaluation, management and production."

John Pipkin, Ph.D.
National Horse Judging Team Coaches’ Association

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