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December 8, 2022


3:00 PM (CST)

The drone industry is one of the fastest growing industries in CTE today. To help prepare today’s students for careers in the drone industry, it is important for students to learn the basics of drones, how to fly the drone and prepare for the certification. From drone theory and design to flight skills to remote pilot certification preparation, iCEV is excited about the brand-new drone curriculum. Join this session to learn how to incorporate the new curriculum into your classes this semester.

iCEV has acquired Drone curriculum assets will expand the course library for STEM, Agricultural Science, Architecture, Construction & Manufacturing, as well as,  Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security on the iCEV Platform. Founded by a former CTE educator, was created to offer a stand-alone curriculum option rooted in principles and concepts. The resource focuses on four primary areas: theory and design, flight skills, programming and preparation for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification Exam. Not only are these focus areas relevant to drone science, the knowledge and skills are also applicable to other CTE subject areas, specifically those related to programming and engineering and design. Because the content was written by a former educator, it is uniquely applicable to classroom use and designed to successfully teach drone concepts. Along with theory and practical application, each course will feature a career exploration component through career interviews with drone professionals across various sectors of the industry. 

The curriculum from will be implemented as three new iCEV courses. Explore courses and lesson lists below:

Drone Theory & Design


  • Design & Documentation 

  • Safety Considerations 

  • Introduction to Drones

  • Airframes 

  • Electric Motors 

  • Propellers 

  • Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)

  • Flight Controllers

  • Batteries, Chargers & Connectors 

  • Transmitters & Receivers 

  • Cameras, Gimbals & Other Payloads 

  • Ground Control Stations & FPV 

  • Regulations & The FAA

  • Efficiency Vs. Performance


Learn to Fly



  • Basics of Flight 

  • Beginning Flight Skills 

  • Advanced Flight Skills 

  • Common Sense Flying 

  • Maintenance &  Battery Care

UAS Remote Pilot Certification (FAA Part 107 Training)


  • Pathway to Certification 

  • Drone Theory & Aeronautical 

  • Regulations & Operating Rules 

  • Airspace & Operating Rules 

  • Aviation Weather, Effects & Sources 

  • UAS Loading & Performance 

  • Emergency Flight Procedures 

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) 

  • Radio Communications 

  • Airport Operations 

  • Maintenance & Inspection Procedures 

  • FAA Knowledge Test Review


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