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Professional Communications Certification

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About the Certification

The Southwest Airlines Professional Communications Certification focuses on teaching students the communication essentials to thrive in any workplace environment. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are explored and discussed throughout the certification, and how those skills are utilized for a positive, successful experience in the workplace is analyzed. 

In addition to communication skills, other career-related concepts such as leadership styles, presentation strategies, conflict management, collaboration and English applications are covered in the certification lessons. The certification consists of 15 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.

What is the certification about?
The certification tackles important topics, such as written and verbal communication, time management, listening skills and managing diversity within a work environment.

Will the certification fit my students?
The Professional Communications certification is designed for all students, regardless of their chosen program of study.

What are the benefits of completing the certification?
Students are encouraged to list earned industry-backed certifications on their résumés and job applications in order to “stand out” among their peers.


startquotesbl.png  We're confident this course will challenge students and provide essential training they need in order to thrive in a career or postsecondary environment.  endquotebl.png

Linda Rutherford
Vice President Communications & Outreach
Southwest Airlines

Learning Objectives

  • Identify various types of communication and the purpose/importance of each type in the workplace.
  • Analyze and interpret both the positive and negative effects verbal and non-verbal communication styles can have in a working environment.
  • Develop necessary strategies for reading, writing, and listening in academic settings.
  • Examine the sources of conflict and determine effective methods of resolving conflicts in the workplace.
  • Exhibit an understanding of teamwork and collaboration while building leadership and teamwork skills.

Certification Lessons

1: Written Communication Practices 9: Conflict Management
2: Communication Styles 10: Leadership Styles
3: Introduction to Professional Communication 11: Researching Strategies & Tactics
4: Presentation Strategies & Tactics 12: Teamwork & Collaboration
5: Steps to Superior Customer Service 13: English Applications
6: Public Speaking Basics 14: Telecommunications Basics
7: Introduction to Digital Communications 15: Business Letters & Memos
8: Extemporaneous Speaking