Career Preparedness Certification
endorsed by Express Employment Professionals


About the Certification

The Career Preparedness Certification endorsed by Express Employment Professionals equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in a post-secondary or workplace environment.

In addition, the certification addresses major topics such as higher learning, the job seeking process, financial literacy, workplace etiquette and the Microsoft® Office Suite. The certification consists of 23 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.

Learning Objectives 

  • Analyze higher learning opportunities and distinguish among the various types of financial aid.
  • Describe types of employment and discuss methods of finding job opportunities.
  • Analyze the process of filling out job applications as well as creating cover letters and résumés.
  • Explain the interview process, including preparation and practice, etiquette and possible outcomes.
  • Organize and plan personal finances and use a career plan to develop personal income potential.
  • Examine various types of insurance and select appropriate insurance plans.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to create various business documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases using the Microsoft® Office Suite.
  • Discover necessary skills for success in the “real world.”
  • Understand the importance of proper business manners and etiquette.
  • Examine situations and issues on the job which impact family and workplace environments.

Certification Lessons

1: Career Testing & Investigation
2: Formulas for Career Success: Higher Learning
3: Formulas for Career Success: Financial Aid
4: Formulas for Career Success: Portfolio Development
5: Formulas for Career Success: Job Search
6: Formulas for Career Success: Job Applications
7: Formulas for Career Success: Cover Letters
8: Formulas for Career Success: Résumés
9: Formulas for Career Success: Interview Preparation
10: Formulas for Career Success: The Interview Process
11: Formulas for Career Success: After the Interview
12: Financial Literacy: Getting Started
13: Financial Literacy: Taxes & Paychecks
14: Financial Literacy: Credit & Loans
15: Insurance: The Basics
16: Microsoft® Word Basics
17: Microsoft® PowerPoint® Basics
18: Microsoft® Excel Basics
19: Microsoft® Access Basics
20: Microsoft® Outlook Basics
21: Skills for Real World Survival
22: Workplace Etiquette
23: Workplace Issues