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Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Manufacturing State-Aligned Courses for Texas

Meet Texas standards and educate your learners on practical, real-world concepts.

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Additional Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Manufacturing Courses Available

  • Drone Theory & Design
  • HVAC Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Flight
  • Learn to Fly
  • Practicum in Construction Management
  • Practicum in Manufacturing

iCEV Curriculum Structure



Course Playlists

Course Playlists contain all of the lessons for a particular topic and could be seen as the equivalent of whole textbooks with the depth of content they offer.

Each course playlist consists of all the content needed to meet the standards specified in a particular subject area.


Lessons are the chapters of an iCEV Course Playlist. Each lesson within iCEV focuses on a set of specified learning objectives, presents information in a video or multimedia format and includes supporting pedagogical materials and resources such as daily lesson plans assessments, projects, and more.






Segments are portions of an individual iCEV lesson, similar to a subchapter within a textbook. For instance, a slide presentation-based lesson may include three segments of content in the presentation. Dividing the content into segments allows for learning objectives to be focused upon and tested for on an accompanying Check for Understanding specific to the segment.

Interactive Materials

iCEV's interactive activities, projects and assessments are based on real-world scenarios and reinforce comprehension of the industry standards assessed within each certification exam.

Four-Stroke Engine: Fuel System 
Activity - Identify an EFI System


 Basic Shop Safety: Mechanical Hazards
Key Concepts I - Basic Shop Safety: Mechanical Hazards


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