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iCEV Tutorial

Student Registration


1. Register Page

Student Registration_1

2. Registration Code for Students

  • Enter the Registration Code (Ask your teacher about this)
  • Fill in your information and choose a username and password

Student Registration_2

Registration Code for Higher Education

  • Enter the Registration Code. The iCEV platform will recognize the self pay registration code
  • Fill in your information and choose a username and password
  • Click Submit

Student Registration_2b

3. Submit Registration Form

  • Click Submit

Student Registration_2

  • The iCEV Course will appear on My Courses page

Student Registration_3

Higher Education Payment Prompt

  • To finish registering your account, enter an access code from the bookstore or pay with a credit card
  • Click Continue
  • Your course will appear on your My Courses page

Student Registration_3b

4. View Your Course

On your My Courses page:

  • Click on View to view the Course Lessons

Student Registration_4

5. Viewing Lesson Coursework

  • Click the View button on a lesson to access all coursework

Student Registration_5

6. Coursework

  • You can now select any resources, activities, or assessments assigned to you

Student Registration_6

7. Adding Additional Courses

From your My Course page:

  • Click + Add New Course/Certification button

Student Registration_6

8. Enter Registration Code

Add the code provided by the teacher to add any additional courses

Student Registration_6

We're Here to Help

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