iCEV Tutorial

Schoology: Importing a Lesson

Note: This step assumes that the Schoology Administrator has setup the external tool (integration) in Schoology. If they have not, please send the 'Administrators Section' to the Schoology Administrator.

Step 1

View Resources

  • Go to the Schoology Course
  • Click Resources

Step 2

View Import Collection window

  • Click the Dropdown Arrow
  • Click Import

Step 3

Configure Import Collection settings

  • Click Common Cartridge
  • Click New Collection
  • Name the file
  • Click Next

Step 4

Import Common Cartridge file I

  • Click Attach File
  • Select the file (Common Cartridge) that was downloaded

Step 5

Import Common Cartridge file II

  • Click Next
  • Click Transfer History
  • Wait for Schoology to complete processing the file
  • Refresh the webpage to see the updated status

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