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iCEV Tutorial

Schoology: Importing a Lesson


Note: This step assumes that the Schoology Administrator has setup the external tool (integration) in Schoology. If they have not, please send the 'Administrators Section' to the Schoology Administrator.

1. View Resources

In the Blackboard Course
  • Go to the Schoology Course
  • Click Resources

2. View Import Collection window

  • Click the Dropdown Arrow
  • Click Import

3. Configure Import Collection settings

  • Click Common Cartridge
  • Click New Collection
  • Name the file
  • Click Next

4. Import Common Cartridge file I

  • Click Attach File
  • Select the file (Common Cartridge) that was downloaded

5. Import Common Cartridge file II

  • Click Next
  • Click Transfer History
  • Wait for Schoology to complete processing the file
  • Refresh the webpage to see the updated status

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