iCEV Tutorial

Adding Students to a Course

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About Student Licenses

Student licenses allow students to log in to iCEV to view the courses and materials you wish them to see.

With a Student Licenses, Students Can:

  • Complete interactive activities and assessments (which are automatically graded by the system for you)
  • View course grades
  • Review for semester and final exams
  • Watch video and PowerPoint® lessons
  • Complete industry certifications (if available) 

If you are utilizing student licenses in your classroom, you will need to invite students to each course you want them to have access to.


Navigate to the Course Page

From your “My Courses” page, click the title of the course or the “View” button for the course to which you wish to add students.


Invite Students

On the course page, find and click the “Invite Students” link in the right-hand column to add students to your course.

The invite students page generates a unique course registration code that you will need to pass along to your students


You can either download or print instructions for registering students using the buttons located on the left side of the blue header area.


Have Your Students Complete Registration Using Your Code

Students Without an iCEV Account

Have your students visit and click the "Student Registration" link at the top right of the page. Students will need to enter the registration code you provided them and all other required information, create a username and password, choose a “forgot password question” and answer, agree to the terms of use and click "Submit." 

Students Who Already Have an iCEV Account

Have these students log in to their iCEV account and click the “Add Course/Certification” button at the top of their “My Courses” page. From there, all they have to do is enter the course registration code to gain access to your course.


Confirm Student Registration

From your “My Courses” page, click the “Manage Roster” link within the right-hand column of the course to confirm that all students have been added to your course.


Adding Additional Courses

If a student is in more than one course, they do not need to register again (this will use up an additional login).

Have the student click the green “Add New Course/Certification” button and enter any additional course codes. The additional courses will appear on the students “My Courses” page.