iCEV Tutorial

Proctoring a Certification Exam

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Before proctoring a certification exam, be sure to review the iCEV Proctor Guidelines


Select Certification

From the “My Courses” page, both the proctor and student should click the “View” button next to the certification the student will be attempting.



Teacher View - Proctor the Exam 

Scroll to the bottom of the “Lessons” page and click “Manage Proctors” under the “Proctors” menu.


Student View - Confirm Identity

Once a student is ready to take a certification exam, have them find the Final Assessment at the bottom of the “Lessons” page. From there, the student must confirm their identity by checking the box and clicking on the green “Check In” button. The message “Waiting on Proctor to start the exam” will appear.



Teacher View - Approve Student Request

Approving students to start the exam should only be done when the student is ready to start.

Determine Type of Voucher Used:

Manual Vouchers

Manual vouchers are listed on a spreadsheet and are sent to you by our customer support team.

On the “Proctor Exams” page, you will see a section for each certification on your “My Courses” list. For each certification, you will see the status of each student who has opened the certification exam. For the student to begin the certification exam, the proctor must select the “Approved” box and click the “Begin Exam” button.


Digital Vouchers

Digital vouchers are automatically allocated to your account in the same way student licenses are.

If you have Digital Vouchers allocated to you, be sure to put a check mark in both the “Digital Voucher” and “Approved” boxes. Next, click the “Begin Exam” button.


NOTE: If you don’t check the “Digital Voucher” box, the student will be prompted to enter a voucher code or pay with a credit card.

If this happens, please contact Customer Support at 800-922-9965 or click the “iCEV Coach” Live Chat Help button.

Student View - Proceed to Exam

Once the proctor has approved the student, the “Waiting on Proctor to start the exam” message will be replaced by a green “Next” button. Have the student click the “Next” button to proceed.

Digital Vouchers

If using digital vouchers, the student will be directed to a page to launch the exam (skip to step 4).

Manual Vouchers

If using manual vouchers, the student will be directed to the payment method page.


Have the student enter a certification voucher code, or pay online with a credit card.



Student View - Launch Certification

Have the student click the green "Launch Exam" button and then the blue "Start" button.


Teacher View - Live Progress

To view the progress of each student taking the certification exam, click the “Live Progress” button on the top right of the page. You will be redirected to a new page where you can see the status, activity and current question number for each student who is taking an exam.


NOTE: If there is a red x in the “Active” column, the student has left the exam browser window.