iCEV Tutorial

Interactive Question Types & Grading Features

  • All teacher graded items should be graded out of 100 points.

  • Once an activity or project is officially graded (recalculated), it cannot be regraded unless a student resubmits the activity or project.

  • Not all activities/projects will have paper answer keys.

  • Depending on the traffic on the site, scoring may take longer to update on the main grades page.

Grading Procedures


View Lessons

  • Click View button to the right of a Course 



View Lesson Assignments

  • Click View to the right of the Lesson



View Student Grades Report

  • Click Student Grades Report


Note: Graded items which NEED to be graded have a blue check mark. Graded items which have already been graded have a gray check mark.


View Graded Details

  • Find the student of which grade you'd like to view (row)
  • Find the assignment of which grad you'd like to view (column)
  • Click inside the cell showing a percentage (%) for the student.
  • This will open the student’s responses in a new window.



Grade Manually

  • Grade according to either the answer key provided within the lesson (viewable by the teacher)
  • According to the lesson material


Note: Once all students’ grades are finalized, the check marks will change from blue to gray on the main grades page and provide an updated grade for each students’ assignment.

  • Some projects will have grading rubrics included to help in grading the item
  • Under each answer section a box with the word “Points” in front of it and the available points for the question behind it. Determine what the point value should be for the specific answer and place it in the box. Once the grades are complete, recalculate the score at the top
  • If the final grade is a 70 or higher
    • The grade circles at the top will be green
  • If the final grade is a 69 or lower
    • The grade circles at the top will be red

Question Types

File Upload

Grade according to either the answer key provided within the lesson (viewable by the teacher) or according to the lesson material

  • Teachers will have to download and view the files provided by each student, then grade based on the specifications of the assignment
  • Acceptable file types include:
    Image: JPG, GIF, PNG
    Document: PDF, TXT
    File Folder: ZIP
    Microsoft Applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher
    Open Office


Essay Responses

  • Can be rich text or plain text, depending on the activity.
  • There is a default 10k word limit.
  • Spell check should be included for students.


Fill in the Blank

  • Can be multiple lines of text in a large textbox (will have a scroll bar and increased character count allowed when necessary).
  • Spell check should be included for students.

Short Answer

  • Up to 250 characters are allowed per answer.
  • Spell check should be included for students.


Draw and Label

  • Teachers can see a replay of how a student drew on the item and determine if they drew or labeled the object correctly.


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