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iCEV Tutorial

Filtering Grades by Date


Access Lesson & Course Grade Reports

Access Course Grade Reports

To access grades from all lessons within a course:
  • Navigate to the Course page
  • Click the Course Grades Report link in the right-hand column to see recorded grades for all lessons within a course.


Access Individual Lesson Grade Reports

To view grades for each lesson:
  • Click the green View button beside the lesson you would like to access.


From the Lesson page:
  • click the green Student Grades Report button on the right above the lesson.


Enter Dates 

From the Student Grades Report page: 
  • Click on the Start Date field
  • Choose a start date from the calendar.
  • Click on the End Date field.
  • Choose an end date from the calendar.


Filter or Download Report

  • Filter Report to view grades of activities and assessments submitted within your desired dates. 


  • Download Report to download a .csv file of the grades report.


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