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iCEV Tutorial

Using the Co-Teacher Feature


While Co-Teachers may not have the capability to assign tasks, they are able to access and review a range of educational resources.

This includes detailed lesson plans, comprehensive reports on course and lesson grades, as well as a variety of activities, projects, and assessments within their designated courses.

Setting up a Co-Teacher

A co-teacher only needs to be setup one-time. They can be added to any course afterward. 

  1. Login to iCEV
  2. Go to a Course Page by clicking the course name or clicking the green View button for that course.

  3. Click Manage Co-Teachers 

  4. Under Invite Co-Teacher
    1. Enter the First Name
    2. Enter the Last Name
    3. Enter the Email Address
    4. Click Invite

  • The co-teacher will receive an invitation email to co-teach the course
  • A co-teacher cannot be assigned until they have activated their account

Please note that this will take up a subject area license; you may need to contact your sales representative to have additional subject area licenses allocated

Available Co-Teachers 

Once a co-teacher has activated their account they can be added to a course.  


  1. Login to iCEV
  2. Click a Course
  3. Click Manage Co-Teachers
  4. Scroll down until you see Available Co-Teachers  
    1. If under Active it says False; the co-teacher hasn’t activated their account  
  5. Click the Add button to add the Co-Teacher to the course  


  • Please note that if you have access to multiple subject areas and Manage Co-Teacher; the co-teacher will need to have the same subject areas; again please contact your sales representative regarding subject area licensing

A new symbol will appear next to your course.

Assigned Co-Teachers 

This shows the co-teachers that have been assigned to your course.
  • Click the Remove button to remove them from your course.


What Co-Teachers Will See

This is what the co-teacher will see: UsingCoTeacherFeature1a
Please note that the option to modify course assignments are disabled for co-teachers.
UsingCoTeacherFeature1a As co-teachers, they will be able to access the following:
  • Lesson Plans
  • Course / Lesson Grades Reports
  • Activities
  • Projects
  • Assessments

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