Utilizing Hybrid Lessons


The Perfect Combo

PowerPoint® Plus Video

As a CTE teacher, you cover many complex topics in your classroom. Sometimes one method of explanation just doesn’t cut it. By delivering the lesson using several techniques, it allows you to present information in a way that is tailored to the subject matter.


iCEV’s new hybrid lesson format makes it easy by seamlessly combining PowerPoint® presentations with video demonstrations. Lesson content is introduced through PowerPoint® slides while video demonstrations further elaborate, engage and provide reinforcement.

It's a Snap!

Navigating the Lesson Plan

To see if a lesson is a hybrid, open the lesson plan and “Hybrid” will be listed as the media type. Similar to other lessons on iCEV, the lesson plan will outline each step of the lesson including which media and supplements you should use during each class.


PowerPoint® segments are marked with a slide icon. hybrid3.png

TIP: In some hybrid lessons, there will be more than one video segment and the use of PowerPoint® and video segments will alternate.

Navigating the Main Menu

To find any item listed in the lesson plan, visit the lesson page. The PowerPoint® presentation you will be showing is visible in the viewing area. The main menu slide serves as a lesson contents list and navigation for the PowerPoint®.

The main menu slide serves as a lesson contents list and navigation for the PowerPoint®

Click the bullet next to the segment title to be taken to that segment within the presentation.

Segments with sub-bullets contain a video clip. Clicking that bullet will take you to the slide which explains how to access the video.

Navigating the Lesson

To find any item listed in the lesson plan, visit the lesson page. The PowerPoint® slides you will be showing are in the PowerPoint® presentation, which is visible in the viewing area.

From the main menu, begin working your way through the PowerPoint®.

TIP: iCEV PowerPoint® presentations are designed to visually enhance your already awesome lectures.

When it is time to play the video, click on the “Select Playlist” drop-down menu and choose the title of the video you would like to view.

TIP: Get your students thinking by asking questions after each video.

Once you have seen the video, go back to the PowerPoint® presentation by selecting the title of the PowerPoint® in the ‘Select Playlist’ drop-down menu. Return to the main menu and then select the chapter of the PowerPoint® you would like to view.

Lesson Resources

Just like with all iCEV lessons, you can find all of the printable and interactive resources available for the lesson beneath the viewing area window.

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