Career Cluster Interest Inventory: Helping Your Students Suit Up for Success


Opening Doors

Utilizing Student Licenses for an Individualized Approach

One of the biggest trials students face is deciding which career field is right for them. Point your students in the right direction with iCEV’s Career Cluster Interest Inventory (CCII).

Within this lesson, students take an individualized survey which assesses their personal strengths and weaknesses to help them find which industry is a good fit for them. They can then further explore their results with corresponding projects and activities.



Easy as Pie

Navigating the Lesson Page

By default, the CCII lesson will be the first lesson of any Career Exploration course. We recommend this placement as the results of the CCII will help students as they complete the rest of the course.

The CCII lesson will look similar to most other PowerPoint® type lessons within iCEV. Take note of the location of the PowerPoint® presentation, lesson plan, student handout and CCII survey.




Using the CCII Lesson in Your Classroom

Step 1:

Begin class by showing PowerPoint® slides 3 to 6. These slides will provide students with a better understanding of the CCII and 16 Career Clusters.


Step 2:

Slides 8 to 12 provide an overview of the CCII Survey. Students will gain insight on how the survey is structured and how to apply results.


Step 3:

Instruct your students to complete the Career Cluster Interest Inventory Survey. Students should move through the survey, choosing the answers that best reflect their response to each statement.


Step 4:

Once the survey is completed, the CCII will rank and graph the student’s most applicable careers and interests from high to low. With results in-hand, have your students determine which Career Clusters scored highest.


Step 5:

Have your students complete the Exploring Careers lessons which correspond to the Career Clusters they scored highest on. They should watch the video and also complete projects and activities to further their understanding of potential career options.




Looking Forward

After completing the CCII and Exploring Careers lessons associated with the identified Career Cluster, students should have a better understanding of career areas which match their skills and interests.

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