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United Supermarkets Partners on Nutrition Education Endeavor


LUBBOCK, Texas (April 23, 2013) - United Supermarkets LLC, which operates 51 stores in 30 cities in Texas, has joined iCEV on an educational video series aimed at teaching young people about nutrition and healthy food choices.

The iCEV Family & Consumer Sciences Brand will launch its online platform this fall, and nutritional education is a crucial component of the curriculum.

Jennifer Gorman, wellness manager and registered dietitian for United Supermarkets LLC, will be featured in a number of segments within the series, which will be used to educate students in classrooms across the nation.

Ms. Gorman said that one of her jobs as a dietitian at United is to translate food and physical science into realistic, everyday language for consumers. She works to manage health and wellness among United's guests and team members by developing programs which educate and motivate.

"We help people learn to shop healthy," Ms. Gorman said in a press release. "If they have diabetes or heart disease, or maybe they just want general healthy shopping ideas, we can take people through the store and give them a healthy shopping list."

iCEV specializes in providing quality curriculum and educational resources, so partnering with United dietitians and team members to spread awareness and increase students' understanding of nutrition is appropriate. The United-iCEV partnership allows for the creation of accurate and relevant content for the series.

"We relish in this opportunity to team with an organization in our community to develop an educational series of such relevance to today's society and youth," Clayton Franklin, vice president of brand management for iCEV, added in the press release. "We are excited to communicate the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle choices in classrooms nationwide."

United said that one of its greatest privileges is making a positive impact, and working with iCEV is a way to influence the lives of more individuals.

"One of the greatest privileges we enjoy as a company is having the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people in our area, and our health-wellness initiative is certainly a great vehicle in that effort," Eddie Owens, director of communications and public relations for United Supermarkets LLC, based in Lubbock, TX, added in the press release. "We are honored to be partnered with iCEV in this educational endeavor."

By combining the knowledge of United dietitians with the production tools of iCEV, both companies hope to inspire positive change in people's eating habits, as well as educate consumers about their food choices.

"I really enjoy being able to help people make changes," Ms. Gorman said. "It's neat to see, over time, people make these changes on their own."

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