BASF Plant Science Certification

Preparation Materials

iCEV offers optional study materials designed to prepare individuals for the BASF Plant Science Certification exam. The preparation materials consist of a playlist, which includes a combination of video and PowerPoint® lessons created in collaboration with our industry partners to teach and reinforce the industry standards tested for by the certification. Explore the preparation materials below.

BASF Plant Science Certification

The BASF Plant Science Certification verifies individuals have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in a variety of plant, natural and environmental science related fields.


Example Preparation Materials

Fundamental Plant Processes

This presentation identifies the importance of plants and describes the functions of plant parts. The cell cycle and plant life cycles are identified as well. It identifies factors which affect plant growth and development such as important nutrients. Plant growth regulators are identified and major plant processes such as photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration are thoroughly discussed.

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Plant Evaluation

This presentation includes detailed information about a diverse selection of plants, including anatomy, physiology, reproduction, health and production. The process, steps and applicability of evaluating plants in various settings is detailed in this presentation.

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Anatomy of Plants

This Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation details the anatomy of plants by providing information on plant cell biology and structure. The different cell types and detailed characteristics of a plant cell will be provided. The structure of plants will also be detailed including: roots, stems, flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds.

Accompanying Resources

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Plant_Icon.svgLesson Plan

Plant_Icon.svg3-D Diagram Project

Plant_Icon.svgPlant Cell Structure Activity

Plant_Icon.svgFlower Identification

BASF Plant Science Certification

Preparation Materials Course Playlist



Anatomy of Plants

Scientific Classification & Nomenclature of Plants

Fundamental Plant Processes

Plant Genetics

Plant Nutrition

Plant Evaluation

Crop Production in the United States: Midwest Region

Crop Production in the United States: Northeast Region

Crop Production in the United States: Southern Region

Crop Production in the United States: Western Region


Plant Pests: Bacterial Diseases

Plant Pests: Fungal Diseases

Plant Pests: Viruses

Plant Pests: Chewing Insects

Plant Pests: Sucking Insects

Plant Pests: Vertebrates

Plant Pests: Weeds

Fertilizers & the Environment

Pesticides & Herbicides: An Introduction

Water Resources

Water Measurement