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Tanika S. Lester

CTE Director


What are your key CTE responsibilities in your current job role?

As the CTE Director, my primary responsibility is to plan, coordinate, and implement effective career and technical education programs and services that provide students with the academic, technical, and employability skills needed to move seamlessly into high-wage, high-demand careers in the Memphis Shelby County community.

Why do you feel Career & Tech education is important the future of education?

High-quality CTE programs give students options. I believe that a college degree is not the only path to success.  Career and technical education (CTE) provide the skills necessary to succeed in life.  Technical skills + academic skills + employability skills have proven to be a formula for success!

What is the biggest benefit students can receive from enrolling in CTE programs/courses?

Career and technical education give students a strong foundation in technical knowledge as well as real-world employability and soft skills training that prepares students for both college and career. 

Please share some of your hobbies.

Shopping, Traveling, volunteering with sorority, and spending time with family and friends