Designed with Educators & Students in Mind

With iCEV's innovative, learning-on-demand platform, educators have access to pre-built, fully customizable courses complete with multimedia lessons and supporting coursework.

Flexible, Ready-to-Teach CTE Courses

iCEV Course

Teach More, Plan Less

iCEV's curriculum features everything you need to start teaching right away. Each presentation is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan, projects and activities, handouts, assessments and more.

Aligned to State & National Standards

Ensure your learning objectives and the assessments of those learning objectives are aligned to the latest state and national standards with iCEV's constantly updated curriculum platform.

Tailor Courses to Fit Your Needs

Implement iCEV as a stand-alone curriculum resource, or supplement your current curriculum. You can easily customize courses by adding or removing lessons based on your needs.

Multiple Preps, One Tool

With our vast content library of Career & Technical Education topics, iCEV makes it simple for you to teach a range of courses with a single license. Plus, everything is in one place, so you and your students stay organized.

All-Encompassing Lessons for Every Learner

Implement Versatile Learning Models

From blended learning to flipped classrooms — customize student learning with a variety of options including face-to-face classroom instruction, distance and hybrid learning models.

Seamlessly Integrate Multimedia Content

Each iCEV lesson begins with media-rich presentations featuring real-world demonstrations and relevant information. Present them to your entire class, or use in a one-to-one classroom environment.

Engage Students with Expert-Driven Content

Your students hear first-hand from featured industry experts from a variety of business, industry and academic backgrounds, allowing them to relate knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world applications.

iCEV Lesson

Relevant Resources for Differentiated Learning

iCEV Resources

Real-World Projects & Activities

Provided projects and activities increase retention as students apply knowledge learned in the classroom to solve problems that reflect real-world scenarios.

Interactive Coursework

Engage your students, promote retention and easily distribute assignments.  Upon completion, interactive coursework is automatically graded and instantly displays student performance.

Formative & Summative Assessments

Formative and summative assessments gauge student knowledge and progression throughout the lessons.

Automatic Grading Makes it Easy

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Effortlessly Assign & Grade

Assign online coursework with the simple click of a mouse. Upon completion, interactive coursework is automatically graded and logged. You can even download reports into an Excel spreadsheet.

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Students Receive Instant Feedback

With iCEV’s Interactive activities and assessments, you have the option to provide your students with instant feedback, in real-time, about their progress, helping them adjust and modify future work.

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Track Student & Class Progress

Specified grades reports allow you to track progress by class or individual and by course or lesson. Monitor student proficiency and topic areas that may require special attention.