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Use the resources on this page to empower your employees to use their industry certification to its full potential, therefore strengthening your business and boosting productivity. 

Print these resources and share them with certification earners, as well as other employees interested in certifying, or share them on your social media channels. Remember to use the hashtag  #HireCertified

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Certification Handouts

Certified...Now What? Infographic

When & Where to Mention Your Industry Certification Infographic

How to List an Industry Certification on a Résumé

How to List an Industry Certification on LinkedIn

Press Release Template

Showcase Expertise & Promote Achievements

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Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Digital Badges for Professional Development

Digital badges signify the earner has completed a formally approved set of standards or competencies. Badges can be earned by gaining specific knowledge or skills or for completing specific tasks. Collecting badges is a fun way to share learning experiences with others and to highlight the earner’s commitment to knowledge expansion in a specific area.

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How Industry Certifications Benefit Employers

It can be challenging to find the right employee for your business or organization. It is not an easy task to find an applicant who has the experiences, credentials and qualities you are looking for. Industry certifications act as a signal to employers and are a way to verify the applicant has the knowledge and skills needed for the position. 

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Sharable Success Stories

The Case for Certifications: The Role of Industry Certifications in Rebuilding the Workforce

Industry certifications are a portable, easily accessible option for those who are looking to upskill or reskill. Whether a student is preparing to enter the workforce or a current professional is strengthening their résumé, industry certifications will play a vital role in revitalizing the American workforce.


Protect & Conserve: Upskilling with the Ducks Unlimited Certification

The use of industry certifications as an upskilling tool has been growing in popularity in recent years. Industry certifications allow the earner to verify their knowledge and skills. Research has shown industry certifications can help individuals secure employment more quickly and earn higher wages than non-certified workers.


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