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Four-Year Plans

Eduthings offers a comprehensive solution for creating and managing four-year plans. Educators can monitor student progress, provide guidance and feedback and access data reports to support accountability and improvement. Eduthings even lets students and educators create personalized graduation plans (PGPs) to align with graduation requirements and help them navigate the path to College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR).

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Find What You're Looking For

  • Use advanced search tools to find students based on diverse attributes
  • Filter at-risk students based on their Personal Graduation Plan (PGP)
  • Track student progress and deficiencies for their endorsement and Foundation High School Program (FHSP)

Easily Manage Four-Year Plans

  • Save time and effort with automatic updates to student plans
  • Monitor each student's College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) accountability status
  • Counselors can review and accept changes to student plans
  • Automate the import and download of course data

We Make Your Data Easy

Collect, analyze and report student data, track industry certifications and maximize your funding.