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AST/MAST: Brakes

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Lessons Available in This Course

  • Anti-Lock Brake System Diagnosis & Service (AST/MAST)
  • AST/MAST: Brakes Course Exit
  • AST/MAST: Brakes Course Overview
  • Bootcamp Game
  • Brake Diagnosis Procedures (AST/MAST)
  • Brake System Fundamentals (AST/MAST)
  • Disc Brakes & Rotors (AST/MAST)
  • Fishing Game
  • Introduction to Drum Brakes (AST/MAST)
  • Introduction to Hydraulic System (AST/MAST)
  • Introduction to Servicing Calipers (AST/MAST)
  • Parking Brakes & Brake Light Systems (AST/MAST)
  • Power Assist Systems Overview & Diagnosis (AST/MAST)
  • Servicing Drum Brakes (AST/MAST)
  • Servicing the Hydraulic System (AST/MAST)
  • Systems & Components (AST/MAST)
  • Wheel Bearings (AST/MAST)

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